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iPhone Report - Full GSX information: SOLD BY, REPLACEMENT, CASE & ICLOUD Check


You are about to purchase a full report of an iPhone device. This report will be generated from your iPhone imei and it shall display the following information:

  • SOLD BY report: Initial carrier or company that sold as unlocked or locked the phone
  • REPLACEMENT History: it will provide previous replacement history or cases on this device
  • CASE History: It will provide you with information on any previous cases set or started by Apple or the network carrier
  • iCloud Status: You can use this service if you are planning to buy an iPhone and would like to check if it still has the iCloud account from the previous owner.

Delivery time: 1 to 24 hours ( 1 business day)

Sample report: See below


Part Description 

iPhone XS Max 64GB SILVER 

Initial Activation Policy ID 2387 

Serial Number G6TZ10B2KPHD 

Initial Activation Policy US Verizon Locked Policy 

IMEI 353093104652290 

Last Applied Activation policy ID 2023 

IMEI 2 353093104537400 

Last Applied Activation Policy US Verizon LTE Unlocked Policy 

MEID Next Activation Policy ID 2023 

CSNCSN2EID 89049032004008882600016021348456 

Next Activation Policy US Verizon LTE Unlocked Policy 

Bluetooth MAC Address 

First Activation Date 091419 Wi-Fi 

Mac Address 94162586F68B Last Activation Date Software Version 13.1.3 

Last Restore Date 102819 Software Build 17A878 Unlock Date 101219 

Carrier Orange 

Unlocked true 

ICCID 89014104270225987717 Unbricked 

Product Sold By VERIZON WIRELESS - D239301 

Coverage Status Apple Limited Warranty 

Coverage End Date 091220 

Estimated Purchase Date 091319 

Purchased In United States 

Loaner N

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