Blacklist Removal Service (Unbarring / Cleaning) for Verizon USA

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Blacklist Removal Service (Unbarring / Cleaning) for Verizon USA - All iPhone Models and Android Devices (All Makes)


Welcome to Unlock Box USA.  Get the best Inside deals US and Worldwide delivery.  Some exception to certain countries.  Ask us first. There is a 30 day no hassle returns on ALL PRODUCTS.  Ask a Question PRODUCT DESCRIPTION READ BEFORE YOU BUY.  Here are the most frequent questions to guide you on this service and unlocking experience: 

What iPhone models are accepted? All iPhone Models and All Androids Devices blacklisted by Verizon USA 

What Network, carrier or company my iPhone must be sold by? Verizon USA. The current account status of your smartphone must be blacklisted (lost or stolen)

What is the success rate of this service? 90% 

How long will it take to clean the blacklist and the processing time? It normally takes 10 to 15 business days (no weekends or holidays) from the day we confirm your imei is correct and we start processing it. 

What happens if my iPhone does not get cleaned from the blacklist database by any specific reason? You will receive a full refund of your money. You do not need to open a claim, We will do it! Don't worry though, S*** won't happen with this service 

How does the service work? Once you click “Check Out”, please send us a message in the message section or you can send us a message apart with your 15 digits imei. No refunds are given for incorrectly submitted orders. Make sure you provide the exact imei number (you can also dial *#06# to get your imei) We will not start processing your service until we receive your imei which will be included in the unlocked imei servers and updated to Apple databases I will come back to you with the Status UNLOCKED, now you only to complete final steps. Read next question, please·

This service is especially used for Verizon users needing to activate there device on Verizon again due to purchasing the device third-party as a lost/stolen device or to be activated on Page Plus for example.  Please take into consideration that after the blacklist status is removed, it might take some extra days to show on third party services. 

How can I verify the job was done? You can visit the official Verizon site to check your smartphone imei by clicking the following link:


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